From an entry level product to the most sophisticated suspension money can buy, Touratech has a range of options to suit your budget and application. From ‘Explore’ to ‘Plug and Travel’ products, we have a solution that will suit your needs and improve your riding experience.


Level 1 – Explore

Our base level of suspension is an entry level option to improve the handling on your bike. On our Explore range, you can adjust damping at the base of the shock, with our special travel setup. We have multiple spring rates available, allowing people to tune the suspension. All our suspension products within this level are fully serviceable, which results in a long product life.

Level 2 – Explore HP

The Explore HP products are an extension of the base level of suspension, but with added benefits. The addition of a solid hydraulic spring preload is what sets the HP products apart. Featuring a 50% greater adjustment range, this allows for tuning accommodating to a longer weekend trip where you would be carrying more weight in luggage.

High end – expedition

The expedition products are all inclusive of the features seen on the lower level models, but on top of this, features a piggyback reservoir on the damper. This allows the suspension to cool the oil better, which improves the performance of the shock during heavy use. If you’re a serious off-road rider, this could be the product range for you.


When you thought that was everything, the Touratech Suspension range goes one better, with the extreme model, which sports the progressive damping system. The PDS is a secondary damping system that uses another piston to provide hydraulic protection against bottoming out. This way, on rough terrain, where you are maxing out your suspension travel in both directions, you are better suited and the ride is more smooth and comfortable. 

Touratech “Plug and Travel”

Plug and travel is the electronic suspension range from touratech made to fit BMW models with ESA or DDA suspension. While not available on all models, this electronic suspension design has the robust design with great benefits, while still being able to be used without any modifications to your motorcycle. The patented DDA valve, or the Touratech Suspension stepper motor, makes this electronic damping possible and provides with you a true ‘plug and play’ option.