Touratech Suspension incorporates all of Touratech’s experience in adventure biking and packs it all into easy-to-use suspension products that transform your bike.

Within the Touratech Suspension range, there are many hundreds of different options that are available for customers to buy and install on their own bikes. Each price point is covered through the range, and to whatever extent you’re looking to upgrade your bike, we can help.

If you wish to lower your bike with a spring replacement, we can help you achieve that. Likewise, if you wish to do an all-around suspension replacement, we can provide you with the options to replace your front and rear suspension at various price points for you to make an informed purchase decision.

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  • What is Touratech Suspension and what is the purchase process?

Touratech Suspension comes to you ready to install onto your bike. That’s what makes it so valuable, and when it comes to complex adjustments, they’re not necessary. Everything we’ve learnt through years of suspension production means that the product you purchase is prepared for your riding style straight out of the box. 

Our purchase process makes it a simple one from when you receive your updated suspension to when it can go on your bike.

To do this, we ask a number of questions through the purchase process to establish who you are, how your bike is performing and what your rides usually look like. These help us gain a better understanding of how we’re going to customise your suspension for you. Our team then adjust your item in the factory, if necessary, before it gets to you. It alleviates the need for someone to set up and test ride your bike to make the suspension suitable for you. Simply receive the delivery, fit it on your bike and ride on.

  • Standard suspension’s limitations

Often with standard suspension, a bike can become tired, and often you can ‘outride’ what the standard suspension is capable of. As experienced riders ourselves, we can vouch that we’ve become frustrated with the standard suspension on our bikes as it’s really only built for basic riding. We often use our bikes on some harsh and difficult terrain, and an upgrade to better suspension can make these rides easier. 

  • Where better suspension helps

If you were planning on riding a particular trip, Touratech Suspension can be tailored to exactly the expedition you’re looking at going on. For example, we sometimes may be riding two-up with big loads, and the standard suspension on our motorcycles was never intended for this. If this is your next trip, the Touratech Suspension’s customisation questions can make it fit for purpose.

The better suspension is also very helpful when riding alone, particularly when riding off road. Better suspension gives better grip and better braking, particularly when on loose surfaces.

  • Touratech options summary

As you’d expect, there are a number of variations of suspension that you can choose from. There is a base option available to you, which includes spring upgrades and simple shock replacement options, right through to fully adjustable packages which transform how your bike behaves and handles.


  • The final steps 

To purchase Touratech Suspension or to find out more information, the best source of information is our website. Visit our online shop to take a look at our range.

You can also check out the Suspension Check Form, which is available HERE. This is what we ask you to complete during the purchase process and it enables us to customise your suspension for you.

It’s this detailed information that we seek that helps us to customise your suspension in our factory, making the experience the right one straight out of the box.


Suspension Check Form