When looking at purchasing aftermarket suspension to freshen up your tired adventure bike, there are many things that can be confused.

Through our commitment to educating our customers, our phone lines are always open for you to call, and we continue to expand our online resource base.

The following glossary terms will help you understand more about the purchase process and what some of the details of our complex suspension products are.

Balance: Distribution of weight between front and rear wheel

High Speed/slow speed: Adjustment possibilities of the compression damping for differing spring compression speeds, such as those caused by short hard hits versus long drawn out undulations

Piggyback reservoir: External reservoir for additional damper oil. The larger quantity of oil increases stability under high constant load

Plug and Travel: Describes the easy installation of electronic suspension systems from Touratech suspension, using all the original plugs and switches.

Semi active suspension: Suspension whose shock absorbers adjust their damping characteristics in real time to the prevailing road conditions.

DDA: Dynamic damping adaptation: Sensor controlled adjustment of the damping characteristics for electronic suspensions, determined by the road condition in real time.

Spring Preload: Adjusting how compressed or released the spring is under normal conditions. Vehicle is raised or lowered as a result.

Spring Rate: Describes the force required to compress a spring by a certain amount.

ESA: Electronic suspension adjustment. Setting of the damping characteristics of shock absorbers by electric remote control on BMW bikes.