Touratech Australia is bucking the trend. We have lowered our prices.

At Touratech, we want to ensure we can offer our customers the lowest possible price all year round.

Our prices factor in freight costs from Germany to Australia, some 14,000+ kilometres. Previously we used air freight to ensure timely supply, and if something was out of stock, there was only a few weeks delay rather than months.

We have recently made the decision to move the majority of our freight to sea. As such, you will notice products across the store have lowered in price to reflect this change.

We also understand the frustration of waiting for your new Touratech gear to arrive. So to counterbalance the increased shipment times and avoid delays, we will be holding higher levels of stocked products.

Rest assured, if something is urgent, we will be bringing in small amounts of air freight. Our mission will always be to make sure you’re prepared for your next adventure.


If you have any questions, please send an email to

Your Touratech Team