There’s some interesting developments from Touratech Germany, with the company offering a complete motorcycle – the World Travel Edition is now available in Germany and Switzerland.

Customers in those countries can now purchase a touring bike equipped with the best Touratech accessories, based on the latest BMW R 1200 GS.

The look of the World Travel Edition is characterised by an independent Touratech design. The bike is given an unmistakable eye-catching look by the Desierto V trim kit .

The exhaust set developed by Rubber Dust, while a delightful contrast are the components painted in powerful yellow to the completely black parts, such as the main frame, engine case, powertrain – and the elegant cross-spoke wheels with black rims (original BMW).

The side-mounted auxiliary lights emphasise the adventure look.

A highlight of the World Travel Edition is the chassis. The original feather legs are replaced by expedition-compatible components from Touratech Suspension. These offer unmatched ruggedness and the highest level of ride comfort.

All functions of the electronic landing gear are fully retained thanks to »Plug & Travel« technology. This suspension package opens up completely new dimensions of agility and dynamism for the driver on- and off-road.

The Touratech World Travel Edition is much more than a list of countless parts. The clever selection and combination of vehicle-specific designed components guarantee maximum functionality and practicality.

The Touratech World Travel Edition is built on the basis of a brand-new BMW R 1200 GS (LC) (full technical equipment) with full BMW warranty.

Touratech equipment fitted:

  • Crash bar stainless steel black
  • fender Flares
  • Throttle valve protection (set), black
  • Disguise Desierto V
  • Rearview mirror Adventure, foldable
  • Headlamp protection for additional headlamps
  • Splash guard under license plate
  • ABS sensor protection front
  • Radiator guard stainless steel black
  • Rear brake fluid reservoir protection
  • Frame protection large, left
  • Frame protection big, right
  • Protection exhaust flap, black
  • Protection flap control black
  • Headlight protection stainless steel black
  • Protection sidestand switch
  • Cylinder protection aluminum black
  • Engine guard RALLYE alu black
  • Crash bar extension stainless steel, black
  • Brake caliper cover front (set), black
  • Plug for oil filling black TORX50
  • Cover wheel cover
  • Stand support extension
  • Hard Part steering stop
  • Protection starter
  • Long-distance footrests * Works *
  • Stainless steel brake lever foldable
  • Shifter length adjustable and hinged side cover
  • Luggage rack black
  • Hard part luggage bridge
  • LED auxiliary headlight set fog / fog
  • Front brake caliper protection (set), black
  • Kardan Grinding Protection
  • Cardan Crash Pad
  • Laying gimbal vent
  • Crashpad front axle
  • Set brake lever + clutch lever foldable
  • Spoiler for original handguards
  • Wheel centers
  • Rear silencer Remus Black Hawk
  • Touratech Suspension “FAHRWERKSET”
  • Comfort bench one-piece Fresh Touch
  • ZEGA Pro2 Special System “And-Black” 38/38
  • Built-in lock set 4 pieces
  • Decor set fork
  • Wheel set black
  • World Travel Edition paint
  • World Travel Edition Design / Decor

Note: The Touratech World Travel Edition is only available in Germany and Switzerland.