There are a few choices when it comes to your motorbike’s suspension…

but what’s right for you?

There are a few choices when it comes to your motorbike’s suspension…

but what’s right for you?

Here are 3 simple steps to get you started:

  • Tell us about your riding style by answering a few quick questions
  • Send your information to
  • Receive your recommendation from our suspension experts, and then order your suspension!

Touratech Travel Suspension is available in various designs….

Level 1

Level 2

High End


… and all shock absorbers have the following features:

  • Special Touratech set-up for balance and damping
  • Adjustable rebound damping at the bottom of the shock absorber with special set-up for touring
  • Large 16 mm piston rod made of chrome-molybdenum steel for maximum strength and durability
  • Floating piston design: damping fluids, oil and nitrogen are separated, resulting in a more sensitive shock absorber response
  • Low friction special seals with integrated Teflon backup ring for low wear and long shock absorber life
  • Robust stainless steel bushings in the shaft eyelet to ensure stable seating of the fastening screw even under maximum loads
  • Fully service-enabled, ensuring optimum ride dynamics at all times
  • Available with further spring rates to compensate for higher or lower driver’s weight and payload

All Touratech suspensions from Level 2 onwards also feature a uniquely solid hydraulic spring preload with 50% more range of adjustment for weekend trips or large amounts of luggage for your long-distance trip.

Robin Box

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From the third stage onwards, known as the “High End” version,
all Touratech Suspension shock absorbers have, in addition, the following features:

  • Separately adjustable high and low speed damping, for precise damping setting at very high damping frequency and under heavy use (bad roads, trails carrying luggage)
  • Piggyback-reservoir on the shock absorber for improved cooling performance of the shock absorber oil and higher damping performance under heavy use

A further development of the High End version was achieved with the Touratech Extreme suspension.

In addition to all the previously mentioned features, the Extreme shock absorbers have the following:

  • PDS – travel-dependent damper piston: hydraulic bottoming out protection using a second damper piston, i.e. no bottoming out of the shock absorber

Which Touratech Suspension is right for your bike?

Let us know your personal requirements, using our suspension check, and we will help you find the right suspension for your bike and your individual purpose.

Simply complete this Suspension Checklist below and e-mail it to

We will then consult with our suspension experts in Germany and come back to you with a recommendation on what will best suit your needs.





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